Wholesale Used Car Dealer License

3 Steps to Auction Access

There are basically three major steps you must complete to getting your license.

Step One
Complete the TriStar Motors 6 hour new dealer course, including our
practice test sign up now online.

Obtain your class certificate upon completion of the course.

Make an appointment with the local DMV Inspector and pass the DMV Examination.

You will need 28 of 40 correct to pass the dmv multiple-choice examination.

Our DMV pre-licensing certificates are valid for one year from the date of your car dealer class.

Expired certificates require a new class session.

Step Two
Prepare and submit your dealer application with a valid surety bond, resale permit & business license.

You will have to identify the type of dealership including an estimate of sales volume.

The application must include a surety bond.

A bond is a promise you make to the state, a promise that you will, in the event of a problem, have adequate financial coverage to solve the problem.

$ 10,000 bond needed if: Wholesale Only & less than 25 cars per year.Otherwise a $ 50,000 bond is needed.

The premium you will pay to obtain a bond is based on the collective credit of the owners of the dealership.

The application must include a resale permit.

The CDTFA issues these resale permits and may require an additional bond for sales tax collection.

Remember, the DMV Inspector will have to put his or her name on your application prior to submission to DMV headquarters in Sacramento.

The more complete and concise your application the greater the chance of acceptance and approval.

We offer a license building service from our dealer education instructors.Fees begin at $500 per application.

Step Three
Office Preparation and Photo Set

In order for your office to pass inspection several requirements must be met & demonstrated in photos prior to an actual inspection by the DMV.

A set of photos will help insure approval.

Two dealers may not share the same address / office.A dealer may share space with another business as long as such usage is approved by the local zoning authority and the businesses are clearly marked and separate.

The required photos are of the:
– Building
– Outside Sign
– Display Area
– Office
– Business License
– Posted Resale License
– Office Phone
– Office Signs
– Locked Cabinet or Safe
– Checkbook / Deposit Slip
– DMV Dealer Book

DMV Inspectors will request two additional photos. One will be from the front door looking into your office. The second will be from the back wall looking across your office to the open front door.

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