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Mentoring is a good way to teach ethics, values, integrity and how to make money.
How many parents have successful businesses and are so sad to hand them off to their kids and watch them crash??
As the saying goes do not hand them a fish, teach them how to fish.
Let them make mistakes, and help them learn from them.
If one has practical experience in the auto business –
start a license with your kid, your cousin, your nephew…
your talents could last a lifetime.
You can start out slow, wholesale only even.
Young people need mentoring
This is a detail oriented process and having someone to
guide them thru the process is often what makes young dealers successful.
Teaching them marketable skills.
How to deal with auctions,
How to talk to the public.
Give them projects and total decision making ability.
Reward them when they succeed.
Or if you see fit, take away privleges when they DO NOT LISTEN.
Teach them to respect themselves,
the business and the freedom of running a family owned business.
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