honor your car collection at the #realcardealerschool


wholesale car collectors struggle to hold ownership

of their collectible vehicles with our high california sales tax, registration fees and insurance costs

many hold their collection on an ” open title ” without legal protection of registered ownership

penny wise and pound foolish

how about a legal way to hold ” open title ” collectible inventory

with legal avoidance of sales tax

with legal avoidance of registration fees

and with one fleet insurance policy


not really

just a very focused effort at wholesale dealer licensing

benefiting the wealthy car collector in a big way

we offer private car dealer license classes

for those who need privacy with their questions

and for those who prefer one on one individualized instruction

our private class fee is $ 300 per person at our location(s)

add $ 45 for our car dealer license handbook

add $ 55 for our retail forms compliance kit

we have an on-site price of $ 800.

which includes up to 3 students

and all materials

for a flat fee

at your location

travel is added if the teacher must travel over 100 miles

private classes are arranged by appointment only

move your collection into your inventory as soon as you like




dlr plated tesla