If you are interested in working for a retail dealership in California, there are a few administrative and financial steps that you will have to take first. 
Becoming a licensed dmv salesperson, as these businesses sell vehicles directly to the general public, is required.
As a dmv licensed salesperson applicant you must have a retail dealer sponsor your licensed salesperson application.
Under a proposed new law, AB 1777 all existing licensed salesperson will have to take an education class to remain licensed.
As owners of the largest dealer training school certified by the California DMV and the only retail dealer / brokers teaching the dealer training class we have this exclusive offer.
For a fee of $ 500. we will train you and sponsor your DMV salesperson license application.
We require:
a completed DMV8016 LiveScan fingerprint card.
a completed W9 to install you as an independent contractor.
3 personal references.
Email address.
When you have submitted all required items we will schedule your dealer training
and submit your DMV Salesperson Application to the California DMV.

Obtaining a salesperson license in California is a complicated process, it is good to be prepared and informed about the various steps and requirements. Read on for some useful tips on how to tackle the licensing and how to save time and money on the requirements.

Just the basics

Naturally, the first place to start your licensing endeavor is the California Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Reading carefully through the Salesperson Handbook will give you a thorough idea of the requirements.

California DMV Occupational Licensing

DMV Licensing procedure

The best California Car Dealer School is run at gotplates.com

 We are the only sponsor of the DMV Salesperson License program.

Our license builder, Azita Rezaei can assist you with the license building process

You can reach Azita at 415-730-3137





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