dmv approved car dealer vehicle history providers


DMV Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

To search NMVTIS to find important vehicle condition and history information, please select an approved provider listed below.

Auto Data Direct, Inc. CARCO Group, Inc. DMVdesk® INSTAVIN RidgDig VinAudit Vin-Smart

Please note that when you select one of these providers, you are leaving the U.S. Department of Justice web site and accessing the web site of an approved NMVTIS Vehicle History Report vendor that has agreed to provide NMVTIS reports to the public consistent with federal legal requirements.

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DMV Certified Car Dealer Class Providers

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TriStar Motors LLC



founded by three retired

SFPD training officers in 1998

raising money for the family of Officer Tom Kracke ( SFPD )


if you want to build a good foundation

and not be fast talked by a group of folks

who has never done what you are trying to do

come to the leader in california car dealer education

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california dmv autobroker handbook information


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successful auto brokering is all about good car dealer education


car dealer nurse

#realcardealerschool car dealer installed GPS

car dealer compliance tips from the #realcardealerschool

we recently met with larry, executive director of IADAC

and we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

in that regard

we offer specific tips for continued compliance

for existing california car dealers

car dealer installed GPS

technology has given car dealers a nifty tool to locate vehicles

a gps monitor can be installed in your vehicles for less than $ 300 per car


you must remember to give a written disclosure and obtain authorization

from any customer with a GPS unit installed

use the DMV statement of facts form for proper disclosure

DMV Statement of Facts form


dmv certified car dealer education since 1998

the only #realcardealer certified to teach



free car dealer website @gotplates

( $ 500 VALUE )
A Car Dealer Website
Will help you sell more cars!

To remain competitive in the used car marketplace you need to have an online presence. We make it easy to do so. Get a dealer website, put your cars online, spread the word about who you are and what you sell.

Our out of the box dealer website solution requires absolutely no work on your part and appropriate customizations are handled by our staff. For dealers that want to dig a little deeper and get more involved, your dealer site is customizable by you with just a few clicks. The site style, the content, the header design, the cars that rotate and appear in the header, the background colors, the keywords, the page descriptions, the page titles, the search engine optimization – it’s all in your hands if you want to take the reins. If not, it’s taken care of for you by our staff.

You can load your inventory into Dealer Jump by deocding each VIN and clicking 1 button to add up to 100 pictures from your computer. Before you know it you’ll start gaining visibility online, generating more traffic, talking to more leads, and selling more cars!

It’s no surprise that auto dealers with a dealer website sell more vehicles than their competition without one. As a dealer you need to promote your business by displaying your vehicle inventory online. You’ll reach people you never knew were your customers and you’ll gain business credibility. We’ll provide you with a cutting edge design for your dealership that encourages customer interaction.

Summary of our dealer website offering:
  • Clean, easy navigation so users can browse your inventory and find the car they’re looking for
  • Phone number present on every page so site visitors can call you easily
  • A contact form on each vehicle page so site visitors can write to you with inquiries because not every person wants to pick up the phone. Sometimes it’s easier to just type a simple question and click SEND.
  • Clear display of the vehicles in your inventory with pictures and other pertinent details.
  • A location map so site visitors can figure out how to get to your lot and visit you in-person if they like what they see online
  • Search engine optimized pages that get indexed and organically placed in the search results of the majr search engines
  • Load dozens of pictures from your camera or computer (max 100) for each vehicle with 1 click
  • Decode the VIN of your vehicles and load them on your website in seconds.
  • Be up and running, live and online within a couple days.
  • We buy your domain name and provide the hosting
  • We provide you with a real email address that ends in your domain so you can look more credible and professional. Instead of a yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live, msn or other free email account, you can gain credibility with an e-mail address that is a part of your web domain (i.e.

Every dealer has a competitive advantage and a reason or two why the consumer should spend money in their dealership and not the other dealers down the block, but remember that no matter how many reasons you give your customer to buy a car from you, consumers have choices. There is great value in a customer having a good experience with you both online and in-person. So get started with a website for your auto dealership and get yourself out there. Make in impact. Showcase your inventory. Get more leads and sell more cars.

The sites we design for dealers are to-the-point and get the job done. Dealers all over the United States are enjoying using our dealer websites. Each site is designed to engage your customer and to convert them from just a website visitor into a web lead. You’ll have site visitors writing to you and calling you

Get a dealer website and sell cars online

To get started with a new dealer website for your business, click here >>

FTC tips for a red flag rules program if you offer credit


Are you complying with the Red Flags Rule?

The Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program designed to detect the warning signs — or “red flags” — of identity theft in their day-to-day operations. By identifying red flags in advance, businesses will be better equipped to spot suspicious patterns that may arise — and take steps to prevent a red flag from escalating into a costly episode of identity theft.

Resources on this site can help business people educate their staff and colleagues about complying with the Red Flags Rule.

What Compliance Looks Like

Your Identity Theft Prevention Program is a “playbook” that must include reasonable policies and procedures for detecting, preventing, and mitigating identity theft. Your Program should enable your organization to:

  1. identify relevant patterns, practices, and specific forms of activity — the “red flags” — that signal possible identity theft;
  2. incorporate business practices to detect red flags;
  3. detail your appropriate response to any red flags you detect to prevent and mitigate identity theft; and
  4. be updated periodically to reflect changes in risks from identity theft.

The Red Flags Rule also includes guidelines to help financial institutions and creditors develop and implement a Program, including a supplement that offers examples of red flags.

The FTC and the federal financial agencies have issued Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help businesses comply with the Rule.

Who Must Comply with the Red Flags Rule?

The Rule requires “financial institutions” and “creditors” that hold consumer accounts designed to permit multiple payments or transactions — or any other account for which there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of identity theft — to develop and implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program for new and existing accounts. The definition of “financial institution” includes:

  • all banks, savings associations, and credit unions, regardless of whether they hold a transaction account belonging to a consumer; and
  • anyone else who directly or indirectly holds a transaction account belonging to a consumer.

A change in the law on December 18, 2010 amended the the definition of “creditor,” and limits the circumstances under which creditors are covered. The new law covers creditors who regularly, and in the ordinary course of business, meet one of three general criteria. They must:

  • obtain or use consumer reports in connection with a credit transaction;
  • furnish information to consumer reporting agencies in connection with a credit transaction; or
  • advance funds to — or on behalf of — someone, except for funds for expenses incidental to a service provided by the creditor to that person.

Bookmark this site and check it often for revisions that reflect changes in the law.




Related Topics

Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business

Are you taking steps to protect personal information? Safeguarding sensitive data in your files and on your computers is just plain good business. After all, if that information falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to fraud or identity theft.

Avoid ID Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend

A one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft. It provides detailed information to help you deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

OnGuard Online

Provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help computer users be on guard against Internet fraud, secure their computers, and protect their personal information.

Privacy Initiatives

Educates consumers and businesses about the importance of personal information privacy, including the security of personal information.

did ale resnick of @beepi forget about dmv required insured dealer plates ???

we are students of the automotive sales industry

and retired law enforcement training officers

we run the largest dmv certified car dealer school in california

we have watched others pour millions

into failed disruptive technology attempts

look at carwoo

look at truecar

look at best offer

my 3 questions for the disruptive technology model are these

where are the buyers guides??

where are the happy stickers??

where are the insured dealer plates??

if you have not addressed these three significant questions

your $ 65M startup is doomed for failure

perhaps a copy of my resume??

can i apply for your dmv liasion position??


our $ 500 startup

born with love in san francisco



salvage vehicles carry great risk

Nashville flood car

Sometimes a car deal sounds too good to be true – in which case, it may very well turn out to be a salvage. Most times you want to steer clear of these. Case in point involves vehicles with a salvage title.

When a vehicle has a salvage title, it typically means that at some point in its history it has been declared a total loss by an insurance company. This could be the result of an accident, fire, vandalism or other natural or man-made disaster. The damage the vehicle sustained has to be worth 75 percent of more of its value. Stolen vehicles that were recovered could also wind up with a salvage title in some states.

Another instance where a car ultimately carries a salvage title is government cars used for testing. After the testing is complete and the government has no further use for them, they are sold with a salvage title.

The salvage title is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), depending on the state, after going through an inspection. Note that inspection procedures vary from one state to another, with some being a simple VIN and emissions system check and others requiring a full inspection. Once a car has a salvage title, it cannot be driven, sold or titled in its current condition.

Salvage title cars may be able to be repaired and the DMV could issue a new title after a safety inspection. The vehicle will be “branded” as a salvage-title or restored salvage or resalvaged vehicle so that any prospective buyers know what they’re getting.

Is buying a car with a salvage title that’s been repaired always a bad idea? Experts say that if you have the time, money and are willing to go through having the vehicle properly repaired, a salvage title vehicle may be one choice. On the other hand, it could be a lengthy and expensive proposition, one that you might be better to avoid. Stick with a thoroughly inspected and mechanically sound used vehicle sold by a reputable dealer or private seller.


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look right here when you need a dmv car dealer attorney


Some car dealer attorneys defend the dealer

Some car dealer attorneys defend the buyer

Selecting a good attorney is important



Car Dealer Attorneys for sellers

Stephanie Francone




Don Nauman




Car Dealer Attorneys for the buyer

Hovanes Margarian




Louis Liberty







got broker ???…..get louie bookout…..CBS

Los Angeles is filled with the world’s most fascinating jobs. It is the mecca of the entertainment industry where you can find yourself at a bar having a drink next to some really interesting people. From models to aspiring actors, musicians, agents, chauffeurs, personal assistants, all provide the backdrop to amazing stories. There is one person that truly has the most interesting job. Meet Louie Bookout.


Louie Bookout of Celebrity Business Services

Starting Small but Dreaming Big

Most people first met Louie Bookout on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings when he delivered a Mercedes to the house of celebrity Real Estate Broker Chad Rogers. What most viewers didn’t know is that Louie Bookout has been providing elite Los Angeleans hard-to-find luxury cars for years.

Bookout began his company, Celebrity Business Services, 17 years ago. Celebrity Business Services is a thriving private car dealer in a world where the words car dealer and thriving are almost never used in the same sentence. It has been nearly 30 years since Bookout came to Los Angeles to make some quick money in order to get another business started. He left the business for a short time, only to return when he realized he loved working in the car industry. Bookout began his auto sales career working at a Mercedes dealership. He started as a sales representative, moved on to sales manager, then was in line for a general manager. He dreamed of owning his own dealership someday.

One of the buyers at Bookout’s dealership was an auto broker, meaning he was a middle man between the dealership and car buyers. Many of the broker’s clients were in the entertainment industry. Bookout noticed this man did not always seem happy, and was many times very grumpy. Even while grumpy, he still managed to sell 20 cars per month. “He was selling 20 cars a month, I figured that if I was doing the same thing, with a better attitude, I could sell 40 cars a month.” Today, in the midst of a tough economy, Bookout is doing just that. He estimates he sells approximately 40 to 50 cars per month. The cars he provides range from MercedesBMWs, and Bentleys, toRolls-Royce and Range Rovers. His clients are generally in the entertainment industry, from actors and actresses to agents, business managers, and accountants to the stars. It is safe to assume that Bookout’s rolodex is a who’s who of Hollywood’s Power Players.

Servicing Hollywood’s A-List

With that kind of client list, one would expect not to have many headaches over business. And there aren’t. “Many of my clients have business managers or accountants that handle where the money is going. The biggest hurdles are when I get a referral from one of my clients and the new client isn’t as established and they don’t have handlers yet. They still handle all of there own financial responsibilities. Many times those people don’t use me the way they need to.” Bookout looks out for his clients’ best interests. He will give them advice to help figure out what is the best deal for them. He also looks out for his relationships and his client list is very private. He guards that list like a lion and won’t dish any celebrity dirt. The only way to know if a person is a client of Bookout’s is if the car has his customized logo of a B with wings attached on the license plate holder. In one way he has built a brand, but also an elite club that few have access to.

No Advertising Necessary

From his first client to today, Louie still has never done any advertising or marketing. You won’t find a web site containing information about Celebrity Buying Services. You  won’t even find his office hours posted anywhere because he doesn’t have specific times that he works. Everything is word of mouth. He estimates that his retention rate is approximately 85%. It is the “Louie process” that sells. Clients simply call and request the type of car that they want. They may tell him certain options they prefer, whether or not they exist. From there Bookout handles everything. He finds the car whether it is in Los Angeles, or Cleveland, and coaches his clients on cost and financing options. He handles all of the paperwork, and in the end, delivers the car to their home or office. All of this service at no additional cost to his customer. For that he relies on his relationships with the dealerships.

There are only a handful of private car dealers such as Louie’s Bookout’s Celebrity Buying Services and Bookout is the only one who sells nationwide. While he calls Los Angeles home, he has clients in New York, Miami, Tennessee, and is even making a name for himself with elite casino executives in Las Vegas.

Bookout feels blessed with the success that Celebrity Buying Services has had and has maintained over a 17 year period. He knows he is fortunate that he doesn’t have to wake up and go to a dealership every morning. “The world is my dealership” is what Bookout says. He can research and get information over the internet. With technology today, all that is needed is a cell phone, fax machine, and the internet. The biggest reason for his success is because he has followed the path of doing what he loves. “Do what you love to do. If you took money out of the equation, what would you want to do for a living?” Bookout pondered that question and followed that path, learning he indeed could make a living out of doing what he loved.

california car dealer insurance agent

von Arx Logo


General Liability – Commercial Property – Garage Liability – Commercial Auto – Umbrella & Excess

Worker’s Compensation – Professional Liability – Medical/Healthcare – Ocean Marine

Since 1985 we have provided affordable premiums with the correct coverage

for various business entities throughout California. We are experts in “problem solving”

for all lines of commercial coverages and specializing in challenging risks.

Receive service with your premium payments… Give us a call to see how we can help.

Direct 562.795.6611 x 14 | Fax 562.795.6655

Toll Free 800.986.6279 x 14 | Fax 800.818.1095

Jon L. von Arx,
President of J.L. von Arx & Associates Insurance Services

CA Lic. # 0702245


2015 contact list for the secretary of state

1500 11th Street
Sacramento  95814
    General Information 916-653-6814
    Secretary of State-Debra Bowen 916-653-7244
    Chief Deputy SOS-Evan Goldberg 916-653-7244
    Assistant Chief Deputy SOS-Jennie Bretschneider 916-653-7244
    Chief Counsel-Lowell Finley 916-653-7244
    Deputy Secretary Of State, Operations-Kim Gauthier 916-653-7244
    Chief-Constituent Affairs & Facilities Liaison- Philly Crosby 916-653-7244
    Press / Communications 916-653-6575
    Legislative & Constituent Affairs 916-653-6774
    Administration Office FAX 916-653-4620
1500 11th Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Vacant 916-653-9314
    Policy, Planning and Budget Support Unit 916-653-6804
    Fiscal Office 916-653-9165
    Human Resources 916-653-6974
    Building Operations 916-653-0653
1500 11th Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Chris Maio 916-651-3073
1500 11th Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Jana Lean 916-657-2166
    Investigations Unit 916-657-2166
    Voter Registration Hotline 800-345-8683
1500 11th Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Chris Reynolds 916-653-6224
    Campaign Disclosure Information 916-653-6224
    Lobbying Information 916-653-6224
1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Betsy Bogart 916-651-6973
  Business Entities Section
    General Information 916-657-5448
  Notary Public-2nd Floor
    General Information 916-653-3595
  Special Filings-2nd Floor
    General Information 916-653-3984
  Trademarks and Service Marks-2nd Floor
    General Information 916-653-3984
  Uniform Commercial Code Section-2nd Floor
    General Information 916-653-6855
  Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund – 3rd Floor
    General Information 916-651-9070
300 So. Spring St., Room 12513
Los Angeles  90013
    General Information 213-897-3062
1500 11th St., 2nd Floor
Sacramento  95814
    General Information 916-653-3984
1020 O Street
Sacramento  95814
    Chief-Nancy Lenoil 916-653-9324
    Deputy Chief-Laren Metzer 916-653-3834
    California State Archives 916-653-7715
    Administration, 5th Floor 916-654-4653
    Administration FAX 916-653-7134
    Information 916-653-7715
    Reference Desk 916-653-2246
    Reference Desk FAX 916-653-7363
  The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts
    Director-Dori Moorehead 916-653-4255
    Information 916-653-7524
    Admissions 916-653-0563
    Museum Store 916-653-0650
    State Coordinator-Nancy Lenoil 916-653-9324
    Deputy Coordinator-Laren Metzer

the disruptive technology used car model at beepi hinges on filling this critical dmv position

Director of Regulatory Affairs

  • Los Altos, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Beepi is the world’s first fully-transactional, end-to-end online car marketplace. Beepi provides a simple and trustworthy way for honest sellers and buyers to connect, making the experience of buying or selling a car hassle free and fun. In other words, the dealer’s worst nightmare.

Beepi replaces the used car dealer and the used car lot with a system that connects buyers and sellers in a radical new way. No negotiating, no trips to the dealer, no surprises – and no commission to the guy with the plaid jacket. Which means a better price for everyone.

We’re are a small team with a big dream: To change the way cars are bought and sold – moving them from the people who own them to the people who need them – in a way that’s economically rewarding and emotionally uplifting.

Beepi was founded last year by Alejandro Resnik, MIT ’13, and Omer Savir, Stanford ’13. We’re post Series-A (with a top-tier VC firm), and our angel investors include Fabrice Grinda ( and Jose Marin, GSB MBA ’97. If you want to be blown away by Beepi’s awesomeness, visit

Job Description

You can cut through legal jargon like a surgeon. You’re a master of maneuvering through red tape. You’re an experienced government-relations specialist who’s ready to help Beepi spread nationwide! There will come a day when there are Beepi cars motoring about in all fifty states (and even beyond!), but in order to get there we need to work together with government agencies, especially the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will be our tireless advocate and defender in the face of a tangled web of regulations.


  • Coordinate with government agencies to advocate for Beepi and to understand the best way to help Beepi comply with national and local regulations.
  • Stay constantly up to date on all legal and regulatory issues that may effect Beepi’s operations.
  • Proactively pursue new practices to minimize the friction in Beepi users’ interaction with the DMV.


  • Masters level degree in relevant field.
  • Minimum of three years working experience in government relations.
  • Must have endless determination. Never take “No” for an answer.
  • Must have boundless energy.
  • Must be passionate about the disruption of the current automotive industry.
  • Must have sharp attention to detail.
  • Must work well with others and understands what it means to be a team player.

Additional Information

Oh, yes, the perks:

  • A fast-paced startup experience in a high growth company. What more could you want?
  • Work with an astonishing team who will fight beside you in the trenches to accomplish the amazing.
  • Super-competitive salary, benefits.
  • Obligatory startup ping pong table and enjoy weekly happy hours with the team (because what self-respecting startup doesn’t offer that?).
  • And everyone matters, no matter what your role is!

wholesale car collector license in los angeles ???

Classic car restoration in Los Angeles is easer to accomplish than in other cities, most of which are less car-centric. One of the largest cities and well known for its restored muscle cars and vintage vehicles, Los Angeles has numerous shops, parts stores and artists to take advantage of.

When it comes to classic car restoration, Southern California holds the title. If you are looking for a car already restored to buy, this is an excellent place to look for what you want, and you’ll probably find it
The low riders of Los Angeles breed an artist that can produce such great paint jobs on your car that no one else will have one like it. The classic and vintage car enthusiasts have a great population of experienced painters and artists at their disposal that can do anything from simple flags to complex scenes on the hood, roof or side panels
Parts that can be difficult to find in other parts of the country will be easier found here, due to the population of vehicles
There are many car clubs and enthusiasts to join up with in the LA area. Restoring your car is a good thing, but taking it out and enjoying the company of other drivers is an incredible experience
Southern California is one of the best places for auction houses selling vintage cars, restored or otherwise. If you have a car in mind, you can probably find it in one of these auction houses, or they will find it for you
Los Angeles has all the famous runs of beaches and ocean view highways that take cars up and down the beautiful coastline. Nowhere else do you have this mix that was made so famous in the 1950s and 60s by movie stars and rock and roll groups
There are classes, schools and shops that offer the training you need. With all the shops around you could hardly be in a better place than to become part of one of them for your experience. There is always room for another top restoration expert
Car Restoration in California

While there are great restoration professionals across the country, California has far more of them. Also, California hosts more car shows that just about any other state in the county. California has also become known for its environmental regulations when it comes to auto related work. Not only can you find the expert restoration resources in California, you can find many opportunities to show off your newly restored car, and do it guilt free knowing that it has been restored in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Restoration Experts
There are nearly two-thousand, five hundred auto restoration shops listed in California. This is a staggering number, and almost guarantees you can find an expert in restoration, regardless of the type of restoration you are considering. Whether your restoration is a collector’s car, a muscle car, a hot rod, or a drifter, you will find a shop that can do the job and do it well. There are a number of shops that are featured on various network TV shows, which gives a prime opportunity to showcase some of their more difficult and prestigious restorations that are included in their portfolio.

Auto Shows
There are well over three car shows per week in California. According to one schedule, there were nearly two hundred and thirty car shows scheduled in various areas around California in the year 2010. This provides any owner of a restored or custom car an opportunity to enter it in several different shows throughout the year, which for many, is one of the primary motives for a restoration or custom creation. Show cars range from antique Model As to totally unique drifters, and appeal to a wide variety of owners and admirers alike.

Environmental Factors
There have been a variety of relatively new laws passed in California mandating that various businesses involved in the auto repair and restoration industry adhere to practices and procedures to reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were inherently produced in this type of industry. Several studies in the late 1990s proved auto repair and restoration facilities could run as efficiently and could actually lower their operating costs by using aqueous cleaning methods. The result of these studies was a significantly reduced rate of VOC production by these participating shops. The studies ultimately resulted in new regulations for all auto repair facilities in California, which means lowered VOCs, lower operating costs for shop owners, and (at least in theory) lower overall expenses for services.

Related Questions and Answers

Who are the Biggest Classic Car Dealers in California?

California is Classic Car heaven, so there are a number of classic car dealers in California. No matter what make and model you want to buy, if you look hard enough, you’re going to find it in California. There are two dealers in California that stand out from all the rest. Both of these dealers are located in Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first, Specialty Sales has three locations to serve you better and has been in business since 1978. In business since 1989, Kassabian Motors is the other popular classic car dealer in California.

Where are some Classic Auto Salvage Yards in California?

There are a number of auto salvage yards in California and many of these specialize in classic cars. One of these, Memory Lane, is used by a number of cable television automotive shows. Memory Lane is located in Wilmington, California. Yardquest is a website that lists all salvage yards in California. On the Yardquest site, you can easily locate a salvage yard near you and contact them to find the part or parts that you need. Another site that lists salvage yards in California is Used Wrecking Yards. Both of these sites are excellent resources allowing you to find a salvage yard in your area.

Where can I find Classic Cars for Sale in Los Angeles?

You’re looking for classic cars for sale in Los Angeles. There are a number of ways that you can buy this type of car. Newspaper classifieds, eBay and classic car sales magazines are all popular ways to find cars of any type. However, you’re more comfortable dealing with a car dealer. In Los Angeles and surrounding environments, you will have a number of options. West Coast Classics is one of the largest and most popular classic car dealers in the Los Angeles area. WCC is located in Santa Monica. Chequered Flag Sales, located in Marina del Rey, specializes in classic and exotic cars.

Are there any Classic Car Shows in California?

Every year there are literally hundreds of classic cars shows in California. The biggest and most comprehensive listing of all of these shows available online can be found at Car Show News & Classic Auto Events. The site currently only has two shows listed for 2011, but this will change as event organizers decide on dates and places. Another good site to check out for classic car shows is The HubCap Café is another excellent resource for locating California car shows. Between the three sites listed here, you’ll be sure to find a classic car show near you

how does the FTC watch over used car dealers ???


Buying or leasing a car is the biggest financial transactions for many consumers aside from owning a home, and having access to a vehicle also is essential for many Americans to carry on their daily lives. The FTC plays several important roles in making sure consumers get a fair deal in the auto marketplace:

  • The agency brings auto-related enforcement actions, including against companies falsely promising to reduce auto loan payments, car dealers and others making deceptive advertising claims, telemarketers pitching bogus auto “warranties” that are actually extended service contracts, and companies promoting illegal pyramid operations through lease offers.
  • The agency also enforces the Used Car Rule, which requires the familiar windshield stickers that appear on used cars at dealers throughout the country and give consumers critical information about who will pay for repairs if something goes wrong with the car they buy.
  • In addition, the Dodd – Frank Act passed by Congress in 2010 gives the FTC new and expanded authority regarding motor vehicle dealers. Since 2011, the FTC has been gathering information on possible consumer protection issues that may arise in the sale, financing or lease of motor vehicles through a series of roundtables and by seeking public comments.

do you need to obtain car dealer vehicle history reports ???
for 5 free vehicle history reports
$ 20. per month subscription
$ 1.00 per vehicle history report


CA DMV Red Salvage Stickers ( set of 50 ) by TriStar Motors

CA DMV Red Verified Clean Title Stickers ( set of 50 ) by TriStar Motors


interesting @shift_cars versus @beepi discussion on quora

What’s the difference between the service provided by Beepi and Shift Cars?
I’ll focus on the facts rather than just the marketing taglines.Differences for Sellers:

Summary: Beepi is licensed to buy your car directly, Shift needs to wait until they find a private seller.

1. Both Beepi and Shift operate as marketplaces, but are licensed in different ways. Beepi operates with a dealer license, meaning they can buy your car directly from you whether or not a private buyer appears (Beepi guarantees a sale in 30 days or less). Shift doesn’t have the same licensing, meaning that they can connect a private buyer and private seller, but can’t actually purchase the vehicle from you. If it never sells, you don’t get paid.

2. Beepi sellers can continue to drive their vehicles until the car is purchased, and are paid at the time of pickup. Shift sellers have their car picked up and cannot continue to use it while Shift sends it out for test drives. Shift sellers will still officially own the car until Shift finds someone, but won’t be able to use it in the mean time. Again, if it doesn’t sell, you don’t get paid.

3. Beepi guarantees to beat any dealer offer by at least $1,000. Shift does not. Instead, they say that their payments are “typically much higher than a dealer trade-in quote” but that’s all that’s said on the matter. Your payment also depends on what Shift is able to sell it for, while Beepi uses a guaranteed offer after the inspection so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting ahead of time.

Differences for Buyers

Summary: Beepi serves much larger area with more developed suite of buyer-services. Shift offers faster test drives, but to small service area.

1. Beepi delivers directly to anywhere in California for 100% free, and delivers personally to anywhere in Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon for a small shipping charge. Beepi also works with third party shippers to deliver nationwide. Shift only delivers to the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

2. Shift does offer test drives without a purchase or deposit, but only within their limited service area. In contrast, Beepi delivers anywhere in the service area mentioned above once a buyer reserves a car, and buyers do get the chance to test drive their vehicles at the time of delivery.

3. Beepi’s money back guarantee is 10 days/1,000 miles, while Shift’s is only 7 days/250 miles.

4. Because Beepi has that dealer license, which Shift does not, Beepi purchases all their cars before transferring ownership to their buyers. Shift, like a consignment service, arranges a transaction between two private parties, but is not actually a party in the transaction themselves.

5. Beepi offers online financing applications, Shift does not.

6. Beepi includes a free 3 month, 3,000 mile warranty with all its cars, and has extended warranties for purchase. Shift does not have any added warranty options.

Hope that helps! Will check back in the comments tomorrow to see if there are any questions :)

Morgan Knutson – Founder & CCO at Shift Technologies.Adam Griffith – Marketplace Operations Lead at Beepi

My issue is that while both spin the differentiating aspects of their models in the best way possible as expected – Adam appears to accurately describe both models (and the additional detail is nice) while Morgan doesn’t play so nice.

I find it in contradiction to the spirit of innovation and shared progress in Silicon Valley the way Morgan has made patently misleading claims about Beepi in comparison to Shift.  That’s unfortunate, because both platforms have differentiating features that are more beneficial than the other depending on specific consumer preferences.

I do not work at Beepi so there may be many other claims (from either side) that are incorrect or misleading, but what I found unfair from Morgan’s answer was:

–  Claim: “Shift doesn’t spend an hour and a half in your driveway tinkeringwith your car like Beepi does.”
* Tinkering - Beepi performs a 280 point inspection.

– Claim: “We just take it off your hands and send you a check.”
* Shift sends a check IF the car sells.  Beepi sends a check no matter what after a maximum period of 30 days.

– Claim: “At Shift, your car sells in an average of 3 weeks for multiple thousands over a dealership, not just $1K.”
* Beepi sellers ALWAYS get paid in a firm period of 4 weeks, not anaverage of 3 weeks on Shift…if they get paid / the car actually sells.  That must mean some Shift customers wait months and / or have their car returned after being without a vehicle for some lengthy period of time, with no more $ in their pocket.
* Beepi guarantees the selling price of your car is at least $1k higher than the best dealership price.  Shift does not have any price guarantee.  The average sale price of cars sold on both Shift and Beepi seem to be multiple thousands of $ over dealership price.

– Claim: “Beepi takes longer to sell your car because the buyer can’t touch it or drive it.”
* Average 3 weeks sale time on Shift compared to guaranteed 4 weeks on Beepi.  Beepi average sale period is logically must be more impressive than 3 weeks.
* Beepi buyers DO TOUCH AND TEST upon delivery.  Beepi’s moneyback guarantee is 10 days for any reason.

– Claim: “The DIFFERENCES for buyers.”

* “You pay thousands less than at a dealer” on both Beepi and Shift, it’s not a difference.

* “You don’t have to have $20K in cash because we offer financing.”  Beepi offers financing as well, applying on behalf of consumers at traditional lending institutions.  I am highly skeptical that as a startup Shift (or its financing partner) are taking the considerable financial risk of extending large $ car loans to people with poor enough credit that the banks and credit unions Beepi utilizes for financing (think Well’s Fargo) are unwilling to stomach those same loans.  No difference but source of financing.

* “All of our cars are carefully inspected and certified” just like Beepi’s“and come with a no questions asked 7-day return policy”.  Beepi’s return policy is different because it is for 10 days and a max of 1,000 miles, while Shift’s is 7 days and 250 miles.

Hopefully this assists all of you prospective car buyers out there!

Well, the most important difference is that with Beepi you are GUARANTEED to sell your car in 30 days whereas with Shift you don’t have that guarantee and prospective buyers can go on a joyride with your car while you have neither the car nor the cash.Beepi promises $1000 more than ANY other offer you’ll get for your car (including Shift).

The MOST important difference is that with Beepi you can continue driving your car until the last minute, that’s not the case with Shift which is, nothing much more than consignment (which existed for 80 years)

Not to embody their deceptiveness. We’re sick of people being taken advantage of.

I posted the answer below as a reply to the original post by Florencia Resnik (sister of Beepi CEO Alejandro Resnik) which has now been changed to a person named “Florenece Sosa”. As well, another commenter alluded to being an objective observer but is also affiliated with a Beepi employee.

It’s this kind of deception that is precisely what we’re up against. 

My original comment is here but will soon also offer an objective table of our offerings without the snark.

With Shift you make more on a sale, spend less on a purchase, have complete peace of mind, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The differences for sellers:

• Shift doesn’t spend an hour and a half in your driveway tinkering with your car like Beepi does. We just take it off your hands and send you a check.

• Because we take it off your hands, we’re able to fix dents, wear & tear, and other issues to increase the value of your car. For instance, repairing cosmetic issues and replacing brakes/tires can net thousands more for a car.

• We wash, detail, and photograph your car in our professional studio that we built. This also increases the value of your car.

• At Shift, your car sells in an average of 3 weeks for multiple thousands over a dealership, not just $1K.

• Beepi takes longer to sell your car because the buyer can’t touch it or drive it. A fundamental mistake, we believe.

• You get passive updates about the activity on your car, always staying informed.

The differences for buyers:

• You can test drive the car. We bring it to you, wherever you are in SF, within 45 minutes.

• You pay thousands less than at a dealer.

• You don’t have to have $20K in cash because we offer financing.

• You don’t have to fill out 4 pages of a web form because Shift takes care of all the legwork including title transfers and DMV paperwork.

• All of our cars are carefully inspected and certified and come with a no questions asked 7-day return policy.

They’re fundamentally different operating models but both try to offer “seamless” experiences. There’s a lot of crap in both, but we’ve sold cars to Beepi and passed customers to Shift where we thought the experience might be better suited for that particular customer.Both (and us- CARLYPSO Buy or sell your car. Hassle-free..) are trying to change a broken market.

Advantages of Beepi –>

Seller – You get a guaranteed sales timeline. In rare circumstances, Beepi pays more than anyone else could to get the car, so its always worth shopping them around. Other times, they’re way off the mark, and we can wholesale these cars for thousands more than Beepi offers.

Buyer – There’s no crap to put up with, the inspection process is probably more rigorous than it should be (I once had a car rejected for Beepi inspection because of the methods Range Rover used to manufacture the car). They mistook a door adjustment (very common in PDI) for a repair, but the upside is it means you’ll get a pretty solid car.

Advantages of Shift –>

Seller –  Immediate gratification. Your car is out of your driveway immediately, and its quite well marketed. The photos are top-quality, the listings are more aggressive (beepi uses predominantly craigslist, adwords, and facebook, Shift uses a wider spectrum of car aggregators).

Buyer -  You can test-drive the car really conveniently, its a really pleasant experience from a buyer-convenience standpoint. Shift prices relative to retail prices seem to be much better (since Shift uses a more powerful valuation engine).

Morgan / Adam / Spanish Lady –  you’ve taken a rather  childish approach on bashing each others services. Grow the F* up, we’re all on the same mission here – customers will decide which is best not Quora.

the question is
how long will dmv allow
to operate without following existing dmv used car dealer rules and regulations ???
61 corvette
gotplates star

car dealer license application checklist

Application Requirements For Vehicle Dealers Auto Commercial

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or greater) to view some of the linked documents on this page. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader see the Adobe Troubleshooting page for possible solutions.

Vehicle Dealer Original License Forms (Including Autobroker)


Note:  Forms may be completed before printing

Please print the appropriate check list to obtain a list of all the forms and any additional documents required for each license:

Select the appropriate link to print the forms required for each dealer packet:

Application forms may also be printed individually from the following list:

Additional Required Application Package Documents:

  • Certificate of Completion, Dealer Education Program (Used Vehicle Dealers and Wholesale-Only Dealers)
  • Proof of successfully passing the Used Dealer Test administered by DMV (Used Vehicle Dealers only and Wholesale-Only Dealers)
  • Letter of Authorization (New Trailer Dealers only; required for each line)
  • If filing as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned businesses only: A copy of Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or other document filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, share holders and managers.
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
  • Signed copy of lease or rental agreement. Proof of property ownership may be required.
  • Copy of your City and/or County Business License
  • Copy of Board of Equalization Resale Permit
  • Photograph(s) of business location, refer to Photograph Procedures

Place of Business Inspection

After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the place of business where the dealer conducts business.

  • The office of the principal place of business and each location of the dealership must be established to the extent that its construction is not temporary, transitory, or mobile in nature, except that a trailer coach office is acceptable providing it is not part of the dealer’s vehicle inventory being offered for or subject to sale while being used as an office of the dealership and otherwise meets the requirements of the Vehicle Code. The place of business is a place actually occupied either continuously or at regular periods by the dealer. Section 320, CVC.
  • Inspect all books and records pertinent to the business. CVC Section 320 (a)CVC Section 1670, and CVC Section 1671 and CCR Title 13, Section 270.00, 270.02, 270.04 and 272.00
  • Inspection of Display Area (not required if wholesale only). After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the display area to ensure:
    • The display area of the principal place of business shall be of sufficient size to physically accommodate vehicles of a type for which the dealership is licensed to sell.
    • The display area must be clearly for the exclusive use of the dealer for display purposes only.
    • Additional display areas are permitted within a radius of 1,000 feet from the principal place of business and any licensed branch location without being subject to separate licensing. However, such display areas must also meet the signing requirement as identified in Vehicle Code Section 11709 (a).Title 13, Section 270.08, 270.08 (a) and 270.08 (b)
  • Inspection of Signs (not required if Wholesale Only Dealer). After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the sign(s) to ensure:

Signs must be of a permanent nature, erected on the exterior of the office or on the display area, and be constructed or painted and maintained so as to withstand reasonable climatic effects and be readable as provided for inCVC Section 11709CCR, Title 13, Section 270.06

A temporary sign or device may suffice when a permanent sign is on order. Evidence of such order shall be submitted to the Department prior to issuance of a temporary permit or license. CVC Section 11709(a)

Back to Top of Page

Other Permits and Licenses

Copies of the following permits and/or licenses from other agencies must be submitted with your application:

Board of Equalization Resale Permit (Revenue and Taxation Code, Section 6066 and 6067)

All licensees selling vehicles or vessels, retail or wholesale, are required to file an application for a Seller’s Permit. The purpose of the permit is to enable the licensee to collect taxes on sales. There is no fee for the permit, but a deposit may be required. Applications can be made through your local Board of Equalization office. A copy of this permit is required as part of the application for a dealer and lessor-retail license. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Sections 11617(a)(6) and 11721(f), the Department may automatically cancel your dealer or lessor-retail license for failure to maintain a valid seller’s permit.

Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 6014, “Seller” includes every person engaged in the business of selling tangible personal property of a kind the gross receipts from the retail sale of which are required to be included in the measure of the sales tax.

Questions should be referred to BOE at (800) 400-7115 or refer to information published at Board of Equalization Publication 73(PDF).

City and/or County Business License

Licensees are required to obtain a city or county business license by the city or county licensing section in the area where the licensee is doing business. Contact your local city or county to obtain the business license. A copy of this permit is required as part of the application for a dealers license. If the City/County does not issue business licenses; a tax certificate or letter on non-issuance is required as part of the application for a dealers license.

Secretary of State’s Office

If licensed as a Corporation, Limited Liability, or Limited Liability Partnership a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or other document filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, share holder and managers with 10% or more interest in the business is required.

The following permits and/or licenses MAY be required by other agencies.

Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair

Dealers who will be providing automobile servicing and repair are required to file an application with their local Bureau of Automotive Repair office. The application process takes approximately six to eight weeks and includes a fee.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Service, Repossession Agency

Pursuant to the Business and Professions Code, Section 7502, no person shall engage within this state in the activities of a repossession agency as defined inSections 7500.1 and 7500.2 unless the person holds a valid repossession agency license or is exempt from licensure pursuant to Section 7500.2 or 7500.3.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 270
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 322-4000
Fax (916) 575-7290

Original Application Fees

The fees to become a licensed dealer are:

  • $175 Non-refundable application fee
  • $1 Family Support Program fee
  • $70 For each branch location (if applicable)
  • $70 For each dealer plate and $72 for each motorcycle plate (plus county fees, if applicable)
    • This figure will vary depending on the county where your business is located
    • Dealer plates are not required
    • Auto brokers are not eligible for plates (no inventory)
  • $225 New Motor Vehicle Board Fee, per location (new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, ATV, motorhome, and recreational trailer dealers only)
  • $100 Autobroker Endorsement fee

The Family Support Program fee is paid on original and renewal applications.

Vehicle Dealer License Renewal Forms and Fees



The fees to renew a dealer license are:

  • $1 Family Support Program fee
  • $125  Renewal application fee
  • $69 for each auto plate and $71 for each motorcycle plate (each dealer plate)(plus county fees, if applicable)
  • $225 New Motor Vehicle Board Fee, per location (new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, ATV, motorhome, and recreational trailer dealers only)
  • $75 Autobroker Endorsement fee

The Family Support Program fee is paid on original and renewal applications.

Vehicle Dealer License Modification Forms and Fees

Dealer License Exemption

A dealer who does not have an established place of business in this state but who is currently authorized to do business as, and who has an established place of business as a vehicle dealer in another state is not subject to licensure under this article if the business transacted in California is limited to the importation of vehicles for sale to, or the export of vehicles purchased from, persons licensed in California under CVC Section 11700 et seq., and CVC Section 11700.1.

Dealer License Exclusions

The term “dealer” does not include any of the following:

  • Insurance companies, banks, finance companies, public officials, or any other person coming into possession of vehicles in the regular course of business, who sells vehicles under a contractual right or obligation, in performance of any official duty, or in authority of any court of law, if the sale is for the purpose of saving the seller from loss or pursuant to the authority of a court.
  • Persons who sell or distribute vehicles of a type subject to registration for a manufacturer to vehicle dealers under this code, or who are employed by manufacturers or distributors to promote the sale of vehicles dealt in by those manufacturers or distributors.  However, any of those persons who also sell vehicles at retail are vehicle dealers and subject to this code.
  • Persons regularly employed as salespersons by vehicle dealers licensed under this code while acting in the scope of that employment.
  • Persons engaged exclusively in the bona fide business of exporting vehicles or of soliciting orders for the sale and delivery of vehicles outside the territorial limits of the United States, if no federal excise tax is legally payable or refundable on any of the transactions.  Persons not engaged exclusively in the bona fide business of exporting vehicles, but who are engaged in the business of soliciting orders for the sale and delivery of vehicles, outside the territorial limits of the United States are exempt from licensure as dealers only if their sales of vehicles produce less than 10 percent of their total gross revenue from all business transacted.
  • Persons not engaged in the purchase or sale of vehicles as a business, who dispose of any vehicle acquired and used in good faith, for their own personal use, or for use in their business, and not for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this code.
  • Persons who are engaged in the purchase, sale or exchange of vehicles, other than motorcycles subject to identification under this code, which are not intended for use on the highways.
  • Persons temporarily retained as auctioneers solely for the purpose of disposing of vehicle stock inventories by means of public auction on behalf of the owners at the owner’s place of business, or as otherwise approved by the department, if intermediate physical possession or control of, or an ownership interest in, the inventory is not conveyed to the persons as retained.
  • Persons who are engaged exclusively in the business of purchasing, selling, servicing, or exchange racing vehicles, parts for racing vehicles and trailers designed and intended by the manufacturer to be used exclusively for carrying racing vehicles.  A “racing vehicle” is defined as a motor vehicle of a type used exclusively in a contest of speed or in a competitive trial of speed which is not intended for use on the highways.
  • Any person who is a lessor.
  • Any person who is a renter.
  • Any salvage pool.
  • Any yacht broker who is subject to the Yacht and Ship Brokers Act (Article 2 (commencing with Section 700) of Chapter 5 of Division 3 of the Harbors and Navigations Code) and who sells boat trailers in conjunction with the sale of a vessel.
  • Any licensed automobile dismantler who sells vehicles that have been reported for dismantling as provided in Vehicle Code Section 11520.
  • The Director of Corrections when selling vehicles pursuant to Section 2813.5 of the Penal Code.

Any public or private nonprofit charitable, religious, or educational institution or organization that sells vehicles if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The proceeds of the sale of the vehicles are retained by that institution or organization for its charitable, religious, or educational purposes.
  • The vehicles sold were donated to the institution or organization.
  • They meet all of the applicable equipment requirements of Vehicle Code Division 12 (commencing with Section 24000) and have been issued a certificate pursuant to Section 44015 of the Health and Safety Code.
  • The institution or organization has qualified for state tax-exempt status underSection 23701d of the Revenue and Taxation code, and federal tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Any motor club, as defined in Section 12142 of the Insurance Code, that does not arrange or negotiate individual motor vehicle purchase transactions on behalf of its members but refers members to a new motor vehicle dealer for the purchase of a new motor vehicle and does not receive a fee from the dealer contingent upon the sale of the vehicle.

Licensing Authority

California Vehicle Code. Sections 20, 285 – 286, 320(a), 426, 3000 et seq., 5753, 8803, 10750 10751, 11700 et seq., 11800, and 11824. The California Vehicle Code is available for purchase from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

California Code of Regulations . Title 13, Chapter 1.

Business and Professions Code .  Sections 9889.50-9889.53, and 17500.5.

Civil Code .  Sections 2981-2984.4.

Government Code .  Section 6157 (a) – (d).

Health and Safety Code . Sections 43150-43156, 43200-43213, and 43600-43660.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or greater) to view some of the linked documents on this page. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader see the Adobe Troubleshooting page for possible solutions.

Application Questions and Submission Information

Please refer to the Vehicle Dealer Handbook (PDF)

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has beepi gone to far with its used car disruptive technology model ??

By, Krunal Barabde

As we are approaching the middle of the Fall 2014 semester, most of the MBA students who will be completing their basic credits at the end of current semester are remembering Hamlet’s opening phrase “to be or not to be” shall we opt for graduation in December 2014 or extend to May 2015, because most of the International students are still in job search mode.

However, some students have different dreams such as Alejandro Resnik a 31 year old Argentinean, an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management 2013 batch, has completed Engineering from ITBA (Argentina) and Owen Savir not much known about him except an important fact that he is a Stanford MBA 2013 batch. On April 15 2014 in Silicon Valley Bay Area together, they launched a startup called ‘Beepi’. Beepi provides end-to-end services in car selling and buying business and connects buyers and sellers of cars[i]  using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) online platform.

The inception of idea came when Alejandro and his wife bought a Jeep and later were in disagreement with their decision[ii] Alejandro spoke about this problem to his angel investor friend Fabrice Grinda, who later introduced him Owen Savir.  Both calibrated that if “internet of everything is changing everything” then why not car buying and selling. This led the seed for Beepi’s business model.

Beepi starts the work right by inspecting & certifying car by a Beepi inspector, taking & uploading photos, and listing the car on the website from the sellers point. A buyer has to check the listings on the website, select car of his choice and make payment (Complete Paperwork including DMV Registration, Car Wash and Wax, Full Gas Tank, Delivery charges), and the car will be delivered to the doorstep. Beepi provides guarantee to both buyer and seller; for seller the car will be sold in 30 days and for buyer 10-day money back guarantee. Additionally, Beepi provides 3 months/3000 mile full service and warranty parts[iii].

Beepi, provides convenient options of financing (Loan), bitcoin payment, and reserve the car for 48 hours by placing some deposit amount, if doesn’t want to buy the car after 48 hours deposit will be refunded. Beepi identifies important questions in the purview of a buyer and has all the answers, before one can proceed to purchase. The websites lists complete history of the vehicle in the form of Auto Check Printable report, which includes all details of the vehicle such as odometer readings, accident check, title and problem check, Vin Number. The price listed includes all the services so there are no hidden charges; to improve transparency Beepi connects you to to verify market rate for the same car. Beepi also provides detailed external inspection reports of dents and bruises on the car body making it easy for a user to imagine the real picture of the car.

Since Beepi is in a service based industry it has clear emphasis on customer intimacy. In order to build customer relationship and answer all possible doubts of the buyers Beepi introduces ‘Beepi Inspector’. Additionally they provide online chat and call help. Since, it is new way of services offered in the industry, Beepi is making conscious efforts to educate their customers, by providing an option of learning more on the website and provide testimonials, backseat blog where owners explain the business model in a subtle way. Beepi also has a young and diverse team, and emphasizes the importance of front line Beepi inspectors who are the first form of interaction with clients.


Beepi’s marketing strategy is very clear ‘to change the car buying and selling experience’. Make car buying selling simple, fast and fun experience end to end[iv]. Beepi provides convenience, transparency and hedges the risk in the market. At present Beepi’s target market are millennials  in age of 20’s and 30’s in California Bay Area and with Beepi Prime they have expanded market to 140 cities in Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon[v]. Beepi Prime charges $999 for delivering the vehicle in 5 days to door step, using their own transportation system which charges lower than market rate.

Beepi’s team has put considerable efforts on brand building and has featured on most of the important news channels and news website to create awareness amongst users; they are creating awareness through social media (FB,Twitter and Linkedin). However, so far their reach has been considering the number of followers on the social media. Beepi differentiates itself from competitors on price, assurance, convenience, and end-to-end services; Beepi’s main competitors are traditional car dealers and craigslist.

In a location (Bay Area) where startups are like popcorns, securing funding can be a challenge, but Alejandro must have had advantage in securing funding because of his experience of working as an angel investor with Fabrice Grinda (Co-Founder of OLX). Beepi Secured $5M Series A Funding in April 2014(Is the first significant funding in silicon valley model of startup-name refers to class of preferred stock sold to the investors for their investment[vi])from investors including Redpoint Ventures, Silicon Valley bank, Jose Marin, Rick Boyle, Fabrice Grinda, Tina Sharkey and Jeff Brody. Beepi has recently raised $60M in funding from Venture Capital firms that have also invested in Uber[vii]. This funding will help Beepi to go mobile and increasing its reach to its target customer and improving on the quotient of fun on buying and selling cars on-line. Beepi is today valued at $200M starting just 6 months back[viii].

If Beepi gives everything, how does it make money to be valued so high? Here is the answer – Beepi makes approx 9% on each transaction, which 80% less than traditional dealer charges. Beepi saves cost on overheads such as administrative costs, space and human resources. From April to September 2014 Beepi had achieved revenue run rate of $10M.

SWOT Analysis of Beepi


Courtesy: Krunal Barabde

Views of T-Birds on the Startup:

Adriano Caccamo: “I’d love to see some video reference of people that used their services on their website. There should be a video showing very closely all particulars of the cars on sale, but there are only pictures from a little far. I’d sell a car through them! I’d buy only if they offer some guarantees and if I can test it before buying it. Great Idea”

Abhijeet Joshi: “Questions their financial growth in the market which is very price sensitive. However, endorses their guarantee-based policy as very useful in consumer perspective”

Scott Grindle: “ demonstrates both a clear service gap in a homogeneous market space and an ingeniously simple repositioning strategy. The question is, can they really change consumer habits; will they convince people to buy a car without seeing/driving it first? “

Jakub Marciniak: “I believe that the business model yields a lot of costs that need to be amortized by volume (e.g. the technicians need to be paid and motivated to be accurate in their evaluation of a car). The largest challenge in my opinion is to reach a critical mass that trusts the business model of buying a car without a test drive. Trust is the main part of a business. I analyzed the website and I am not clear about certain pitfalls that could backfire (e.g. what is “damage”? How is mileage handled if you drive over 1,000 miles in 10 days? …)

If you go to a used car dealer – do you trust him/her immediately?

Now imagine that you don’t even touch the car. Would you buy it?

Transparency in marketing is key to Beepi’s success. Good press is crucial. Leaks in the business processes are deadly.


I understand that the huge advantage is that cars can be bought, sold and shipped all over the US in little time and that the concept is portable and thus, globally applicable. But I am skeptical by nature because the amounts that are transferred are vital to some people (buying or selling a car is a major decision compared to buying or selling a new phone).


I would like to know more about how the technicians are selected, a general deconstruction of the fees that are applicable (and WHEN they occur!), a calculated example of a transaction (from seller to buyer and how Beepi makes money) and reviews from trusted sources”


If Beepi is successful, it will endorse the fact that “internet of everything is changing everything” so is customer purchase behavior. We would like to see more inspired business ideas and entrepreneurship initiatives, which will truly change the business in future.




Disclaimer: The article represents writer’s personal views and no affiliation with Das Tor any assumptions are based on the educated guess.