car dealers always need help with dmv registration paperwork

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CAR DEALERS ARE ALLOWED TO CHARGE $ 65. PER VEHICLE SALE FOR DOCUMENT PREPARATION there are 1000 licensed dmv car dealer registration services in california we[...]

smart car buyers run the VIN for $ 10.

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car dealer license answers from

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Vehicle Dealer Frequently Asked Questions Listed below are the most frequently asked questions. This list is not all inclusive nor is it intended to be. If[...]

is it hard to qualify for a car dealer license bond ???

Written by  on July 25, 2014 In order for a bond company to approve a vehicle dealer bond  of $10,000 or $50,000, they will run your credit report. If there are[...]

where can i file a complaint against a car dealer ???

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Problems with a vehicle purchase can DMV help me Filing a Complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles You should know that DMV has limited resources[...]

automotive consumer information from CNCDA

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Consumer Information We at the California New Car Dealers Association are concerned with the needs of consumers. In this section, consumers can find links[...]

walnut creek car dealer school

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do you want to learn from a qualified team of professionals ??? we are beginning year 15 in april no one does it better in walnut creek we make it easy[...]

dmv checklist to become a vin verification agent

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are you looking for a well paying part time automotive gig ???

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BECOME A LICENSED DMV VIN VERIFICATION SERVICE +++++ licensed dmv verification agents earn from $ 10. to $ 25. per vehicle examination some agents handle[...]

campbell car dealer school

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do you want to learn from a qualified team of professionals ??? we are beginning year 17 in april no one does it better in campbell we make it easy for[...]

dmv registration agent forms supply

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Vehicle Registration Industry Forms Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view, fill out and print forms. To incorporate the latest accessibility features[...]

licensed dmv registration agent handbook

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Vehicle Registration Procedures for Dealers and Registration Services Subscribe to E-Mail Alerts! Surveys Help us improve service to you and your customers[...]

prior history stickers MUST be RED

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GET YOUR PRIOR HISTORY STICKERS $ 45. FOR A SET OF 50 800-901-5950 GOTPLATES.COM +++++ Under the provisions of AB 1215 effective 07-01-2012 all dealers[...]

garden grove #realcardealerschool

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imagine a car dealer school taught by real car dealers we are the only ones with a retail / autobroker car dealer license who actually teach dmv certified[...]

car dealer bond FAQ

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Car Dealer Bond Vital Info… What is a dealer bond? The car dealer bond protects your customers against fraudulent or unethical actions by a dealer. The[...]

san luis obisbo car dealer classes

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joseph is our instructor for the central coast 415-730-3131 we teach in santa cruz often at noon we teach in[...]

crows landing car dealer training in spanish

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we are the leaders in dmv certified car dealer education 800-901-5950 in response to high demand we are now offering a spanish language car[...] provides the carfax alternative vehicle history reports for car dealers

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Sign up for a VinAudit Dealer Account Please register here to receive a Dealer Account for bulk access to NMVTIS reports. For instant activation,[...]

retro license plates may make a revival

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Retro license plate proposal on the move By Jim Sanders California lawmakers can’t roll back gas prices or revive eight-track[...]

dmv licensing inspector for our bakersfield car dealer school

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after you take our bakersfield car dealer class you will take your dmv car dealer examination and submit your car dealer license application to the dmv[...]

FTC tips for your red flag rules program ( ITPP )

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Are you complying with the Red Flags Rule? The Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention[...]

revised red flag rules update from the FTC

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car dealers offering credit of any form are required to be red flag compliant as of jan 2011 dmv inspectors are now checking for car dealers offering credit[...]

got car dealer forms ??? get our starter kit

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We are approved by the California DMV to teach car dealer education We have created a complete starter kit of dealer forms. $55. with free shipping Click[...]

vehicle history report from

Written by  on July 22, 2014 provides instant history reports for used vehicles. In partnership with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, VinAudit reports[...]

dmv car dealer services online

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DMV Programs Business Partner Automation Program Business Partner Locator Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights Commercial Requester Accounts Electronic[...]